live in nature

today was a day for traveling around and discover that if you relax and trust thing happen positive , our car get without battery after a stop for a coffee and 2 or 3 help me please …a young man did, we all pull and here it was …working again . normally who smiles a lot is not your solution .here in this planet we learn to discovery who we really are , go dipper inside , stillness is a good friend and some people don´t like is to danger see your self in  true  when we come back from our daily  Saturday on the cost shopping and supermarket we add again a news from who don´t want to see , after one week with  the “family” 5 members that traveling Europe to discover different things that live can bring running from the system ,and a English man that was needing  to see  a “family” after so many years in party’s ,the  stock market money maker that don´t want to see him self sad that he was going away , we get calm again , family thanks for your help planting and taking care of goats ,chickens and so on . English thanks for trying and stock market money guy for giving up from peace ., maybe next time life is always  given us new opportunity’s.can be hard see that the street repeat until we learn .

see us next days i´m happy for this day and i will send my love for all being that believe on earth .

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