truth of kabir


so easy and so difficult ,i listen this some years ago , now i´m practicing . I wake up every morning and by suggestion of wolfgang ( husband ) like a meditation  i repeat to inside myself that i want to have a nice day today , and have been working , my mind is accepting this suggestion and i have been putting to the side small strong programs that was taking me to the space of negativity .  so the day is becoming again  productive .today we could go on the community garden and plant the 200 sweet potatoes  that was urgent , is so good to work on the land , fell your power come back , as  you use more and more your energy and you fell better and better , this is something that i discover  after passing some blocks that hold you back , is like currents that set you back from freedom , but when you believe that you can do it,it is incredible what  happens.   i recommend and wish that many persons can make the same and let lazy behind them and  find the feeling of being alive again . than you can listen the sound.






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